• The Works!

    Mock Trailer, But also a Real Reel

    Neve leans in and smells a white tulip, held by another queer, nonbinary Black choreographer, Majesty Royale. They are wearing regal shades of indigo and teal.

    WHITE FUR, dance on film, 2015

    Cover image is a video still of NEVE dressed in wolf girl regalia, sitting on their blue manual wheelchair, holding the rope reins of pale people on hands and knees in wild dog makeup.

    The Girl Who Drew Cats, short live work for 6 dancers, 2019

    Cover image is of six people, some standing, some sitting on wheelchairs, lined up single file on a dark, starkly lit stage.

    I'm only getting paid for some of this, dance on film, 2017

    Cover image is an up close still of Neve mouth open laughing, hair long and half up, half down, the dappled green of trees in the background.