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    Can your Personal Trainer do all this?


    NEVE, or LOVER OF LOW CREATURES LLC, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and currently pursuing further certification as a Nutritional Coach. They are an experienced disability justice activist/accessibility consultant, copy editor, dancer/choreographer, educator, singer/songwriter, musical theater actor, fine/erotic art model, master of ceremony (MC/host), playwright, and witch, from a long line of witches and artists. NEVE has worked as a peer counselor, event planner and coordinator, science exhibit interpreter, and sexpert.


    So let LLC:


    Help you reach your potential by working with you on a medium or project you want to excel at!


    Work out with you!


    Choreograph your play, musical, solo, or dance company!


    Create a customized Hoodoo spell for you!


    Craft a stunning piece of written communication!


    Organize an accessible party or event!


    Model for your photo-shoot or painting!


    Create a personalized dance or video for you!


    No matter how you employ LOVER OF LOW CREATURES to work their magic on your body, heart, mind, and spirit, you won't regret a minute of it.


    NEVE in a furry black button up jacket, holding a model of a human spine. They are in front of the ocean, and they have brown skin, a shaved head, and decorative black geometric shapes and dots painted on their face.
    Headshot from the ribs up of NEVE. They have brown skin, shoulder length black hair, an olive green dress and a cowrie shell necklace. They are gazing confidently at the camera. Behind them is a sunlit swatch of green leaves and trees.

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