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    NEVE MaZique grew up in the part of rural, small-town Jersey Imogen Binnie aptly says, “seems never to get shown on TV”. They claim among their ancestors, Edward C Mazique, the physician to the Civil Rights Movement, and Margery Williams Bianco, the author of The Velveteen Rabbit. They received their BA in Liberal Arts from Hampshire College, their Certification in Personal Training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and were of the 2018 cohort of the Intiman Theatre Emerging Artist Program. They have been creating, producing, and performing in queer punk musical dance-theatre in New York, Massachusetts, California, Texas, Louisiana, and Washington since 2013. A published author, NEVE’s work has appeared in the anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star edited by Jiz Lee, Everyday Feminism, Harlot Magazine (now dissolved), Plenitude Magazine, ModelViewCulture, and The Black Scholar, among others.


    Since moving from Oakland to Seattle in 2016, NEVE has written, choreographed, composed, collaboratively produced, and starred in two full-length dance-theatre musicals, Bet Ya UnGodly Things and Lover of Low Creatures. NEVE believes we are our values, we are our community, and with this belief they dedicate themself to the creation of liberated performance art, created on their terms, for their community, in collaboration with their communities and with hard won self love.


    When not creating, composing, choreographing, or performing, NEVE teaches master classes in their integrated contemporary technique at Velocity Dance Center, volunteers at the Pacific Science Center, advises youth group at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and run an accessible event & experience consulting and production company, Lover of Low Creatures, LLC. They are married to their loving partner, Tony, and to their community, are a scrappy and enthusiastic gardener and cook, a tea maker, an orderer of martinis at dive bars, a dedicated punk, a new fencer (foil), a student of music, a lover of people and animals, a great neighbor, ally, and friend. NEVE identifies as mixed Black/Indigenous Sudanese, Scottish/white, biqueer, nonbinary, a trash femme, disabled/cripped, a country-punk, and a Jersey gyrrl. You should never mess with them but you can always fucks with them. https://nevebebad.com,

    https://Patreon.com/nevebebad, IG: @nevebebad, Twitter: @nevebebad, FB: @nevebebad, Snapchat: neve_velour


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    Singing Solo in Choir at Church

    Dec 9

    Auditioning for

    Reboot Theatre's CABARET

    Dec 10

    Rehearsal for ET Russian's Double Clear

    Dec 11

    Seeing Angel Olsen







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    - Tinder match, Idra

    "While we were taken care of from the beginning, we were also asked [to] care for a symbolic object. We were responsible for our roses for a little over an hour and a half. Many of us admired their vibrancy and beauty, but they were never our roses to keep. They belong to the river. We did not attend a performance that offers mementos for individual ownership. Instead, we are invited into [sic] a place where we are both nurtured and responsible for the nurturing of this place. Lover of Low Creatures creates a sense of belonging and obligation to take care of each other and our larger world."

    "Neve is an artist for today and the future, weaving together mediums and magic in ways that I've never seen before. I feel very lucky to collaborate with them on this project because their voice and their work is an integral part of our arts ecosystem."

    "Neve is a fantastic performer and facilitator. I attended one of their movement workshops and walked away filled with gratitude for the magical space they created - melding the power of music and movement with disability justice values to make a space that was welcoming and embracing to folks with diverse bodies and health experiences... If you have a chance to work with Neve, consider yourself lucky and jump at it!"

    - Amber MV, dance class participant and friend

    "Experiencing this performance was a transformative gift of healing, self-acceptance and grace."

    "Neve Mazique is a force..."

    "Illuminating every body and that body's history and the complex history of it all. So powerful."




    "I am broken open. Thank you for your gorgeous and necessary art."

    -audience members' sharings at Disabled Choreographers' Lab 2018, Axis Dance Company



    email me all the <3 <3 <3 neve.maziquebianco@gmail.com

    or get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


    Photo by Misako Akimoto. AXIS Dancers performing Mazique's "The Girl Who Drew Cats" at Choreolab 2019. The creation of this work was sponsored by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.



    What kind of Performance does Neve do?


    So many! But primarily they love to dance, sing, act, and orate. They are into creating their own performances and full-length productions via these mediums, and they also enjoy auditioning for and being featured in works by others!


    Does Neve provide professional services other than performing?


    Absolutely. You can hire Neve for a multitude of sessions and services including:


    Private Dance Lessons (for beginning to advanced/professional dancers)

    Workout Coaching and Consulting (certified personal trainer)

    Group Dance Classes Designed by Neve for Dancers of All Ages

    Private Performances at Accessible Locations

    GoGoing and Vibe Setting at Nightclub Parties

    Choreography (Solos, Duets, Groups)

    Consulting on How to Make a Space, Event or Group

    More Accessible/Access-Centered

    Personalized Improvised Dance Reading/Offering/Blessing

    Event Design and Event Coordination

    Emceeing Events of an Artistic or Socially Conscious Nature

    Modeling for Photography and Video

    Private Ethics Shaping Sessions


    How can I book Neve for any of these services and what are the rates?


    Rates vary from $25-$500/hr or flat rates. To book, use the contact form below this section.


    What is an example of an ableist microaggression? What can I do instead of sending one to NEVE MaZique?


    Ableist microaggressions are so pervasive in our society that sometimes the person making them thinks that they are paying a disabled person a compliment. For instance, in my contact box below you might want to tell me that you've never seen a disabled person dance before and that I've blown your mind. It's okay to experience that, but if you are a nondisabled person, when you tell me that, you mean that you didn't question the absence of disabled people in the spaces you were taking part in or dance you were experiencing and seeking out. The absence or erasure of Disabled people in your life is not a cute anecdote for me. If you are Disabled, feel free to tell me how you connect with the Disabled experience that I convey in my work! If you are nondisabled and I am the first dancer who uses a wheelchair that you've ever seen, and you realize this is a problem, instead of telling me this story, donate to my Patreon, and seek out more dance made by Disabled people!


    What's the best way to keep abreast of NEVE's moves in the world?


    Check in on the calendar above, follow NEVE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@nevebebad) and if you live nearby, be my friend and I'll invite you to stuff!



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