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    NEVE (Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco, pronouns they/them/theirs and she/shim/shis) is an internationally performing, presenting, and award winning directing fairy sorceress and beast/lover of Black/African American identity, and Sudanese/Nubian, Arabic, Spanish, Scottish, and English ascent. They are known is disability justice arts and activism community as a steadfast friend and a rigorous choreographer, cultural worker, and thought leader. NEVE has been making things move for 21 years.


    A certified personal trainer and integrated dance teacher trained by NASM and Axis Dance Company, respectively- NEVE cares about the welfare and equitable access to joy, sensuality, community, self-expression, and liberation of all bodies. Especially animals. Like ideally they’d like to be a physical therapist/somatic therapist/dance teacher/and freedom fighter for animals, however animals would like to employ shim.


    Since spring 2018, NEVE sits on the current artistic board of directors of Playthey, an arts, media, and event production and content creation cooperative fighting for dope, kind, accessible, creative, and wildly jubilant spaces for trans queer black indigenous POC people with disabilities, and other intersectionally marginalized community. NEVE is also a member and trainer in the Access-Centered Movement Collective, and along with movement educators Jess Dene Schlesinger and India Harville, they teach multiply accessible, disability justice informed movement classes and trainings for movement educators.


    NEVE is one of the first four recipients of the PNW Afro X Fellowship, a research fellowship for African American artists created in collaboration by The Seattle Public Library and the Central District Forum, as well as the recipient of a 2019 City Artist grant, both of which benefit production of their new evening length work Lover of Low Creatures. This work is a Nubian belief influenced musical dance-theatre gothic fairytale production, co-produced by Velocity Dance Center and Playthey Studios, featuring musical production and accompaniment by JOY MA and Evan Flory-Barnes and directed by Sara Porkalob. It premiered at Velocity Dance Center May 9-12 2019. Lover of Low Creatures is


    NEVE's second evening length original solo work following their self-directed Bet Ya UnGodly Things which premiered at Gay City Arts in 2018. An excerpt of Lover of Low Creatures was featured at Performance Space New York as a part of the festival i wanna be with you everywhere in collaboration with a steering committee of New York based disabled artists, the Scottish collective Arika, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.


    NEVE formed their dance, disability, and environmental justice movement and education company Lover of Low Creatures, LLC in spring 2019. They are currently developing a realm of integrated/inclusive dance techniques called The Mazique Techniques. Take a class with them at Velocity Dance Center!


    Though fairly mobile and transient when the travel is accessible and lucrative, NEVE is in love with home. She lives with shis partner, friends, animals, and plants in Duwamish and Other Unceded Coast Salish Territories aka Seattle.

  • WERK

    Performance Reel!

    This is a short performance reel I made as a part of a grant application. Captioned and with descriptions of the videos on youtube. Some of the videos excerpted are listed below.

    Lover of Low Creatures

    A full length, interdisciplinary musical dance-theatre work created in the same world as Bet Ya UnGodly Things, and serving as a prequel which expands on themes of family, healing, self-love, surviving childhood sexual abuse, cultural pride and reclamation, magic, and nature. An excerpt premiered at i wanna be with you everywhere at Performance Space New York, April 2019. The full length version premiered at Velocity Dance Center, May 2019. This work and its themes inspired the creation and titling of Neve's LLC of the same name.

    Where You Are Has a Name

    Dancers: Roya the Destroya, Elena Martins, Dwayne Scheuneman, Hannah Westbrook, Leesha Zieber, and Adonis Damien Martin. This piece is a beginning of a conversation about place, body, human, animal, indigenous person, settler/colonizer, violence, and resilience that I want to have with everyone. I began it with my best friend, and with these dancers at the first ever Axis Dance Company Disabled Choreographer's Lab in Oakland, 2018. photo Marc Brew

    Bet Ya UnGodly Things

    A one-femme contemporary ballet musical about being a Black, mixed race, queer, and disabled feminist punk fairy growing up and out of a small, white, rural town in New Jersey (aka Up South). Premiered at Gay City Arts, Seattle, January 2018.

    photo and backdrop art ET Russian

    Incidentally, I don't just write about bodies, I have a body too.

    A dance monologue/disco lecture/dance installation asking those who behold me how I dare to ask them to behold me. Desireability politics with sick beats by Bed Death. Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear, J&J Productions, No Limits Festival, Theatre Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin, 2017.


    Content warning for descriptions of being triggered around ableism and abuse.           Y'all.  ...
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  • [Image is same Black disabled performer person from above, wearing aquamarine highlight, pink cheeks and sweater, and a nude lip, hair pulled back. They are clutching with two hands curving fingers extending from bent elbows the dried bell-like flowers of a tree with dark green leaves. Photo by Saira Barbaric.]


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    "EMPREXX of DANCE! {followed by star eyed emoji}"

    - Tinder match, Idra

    "While we were taken care of from the beginning, we were also asked [to] care for a symbolic object. We were responsible for our roses for a little over an hour and a half. Many of us admired their vibrancy and beauty, but they were never our roses to keep. They belong to the river. We did not attend a performance that offers mementoes for individual ownership. Instead, we are invited into [sic] a place where we are both nurtured and responsible for the nurturing of this place. Lover of Low Creatures creates a sense of belonging and obligation to take care of each other and our larger world."

    "Neve is an artist for today and the future, weaving together mediums and magic in ways that I've never seen before. I feel very lucky to collaborate with them on this project because their voice and their work is an integral part of our arts ecosystem."

    "Neve is a fantastic performer and facilitator. I attended one of their movement workshops and walked away filled with gratitude for the magical space they created - melding the power of music and movement with disability justice values to make a space that was welcoming and embracing to folks with diverse bodies and health experiences... If you have a chance to work with Neve, consider yourself lucky and jump at it!"

    - Amber MV, dance class participant and friend

    "Experiencing this performance was a transformative gift of healing, self-acceptance and grace."

    "Neve Mazique-Bianco is a force..."

    "Illuminating every body and that body's history and the complex history of it all. So powerful."




    "I am broken open. Thank you for your gorgeous and necessary art."

    -audience members' sharings






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