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[image is a blurry screenshot of Brenda Dickson's iconic video, "Welcome to My Home". She is wearing a gold lamé dress and showing us her walk in closet.]

11 years ago, Youtube was a new thing. I was seventeen and participating in an exclusive arts camp (I was one of the 12 finest young creative writers in New Jersey in 2007 thank you very much). Other than write 8 hours a day, the 11 other nerds in my Creative Writing Program at Governor's School of the Arts filled our time with...YOUTUBE. It was very very cool.

This was at the height of contemporary absurdistcore, and "Old Gregg" and "Welcome to my Home" reigned supreme. Those kinds of things are still my favorite use of Youtube to be honest. Expose us to the virus, social universe, We Want It. Now, at 28, I am only beginning to track what makes a video, meme, article, or what have you, "catching", in this era of get everything all of it now. But what I have discovered, is that what I'm doing as a dance researcher, choreographer, filmmaker, songwriter, playwright, and body scientist, is needed and necessary work. And whether or not it can compete with the latest viral vlog about chewing loudly or whatever, is only partially up to me, I'll settle for reaching the people who need me, whatever their numbers may be. Stay tuned for more content, and support my work by donating at !!!! xoxoxo

[Transcripts coming soon, I'm very sorry for the magicrip delay. I'm in the middle of producing my solo show, Bet Ya UnGodly Things, which goes up this weekend at Gay City Arts, alongside Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha and billie rain's To Exist Is To Resist: Sick and Disabled QT/BIPOC Ancestors and Futures which opens tonight!]

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