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Loving you is easy cuz you're beautiful

image is two opposing triangles made up of beams of bright jewel tone lights illuminating a blurry dance floor. 

First Blog post of ever! Welcome to Neveland, from Neve Be themself! I used to have a Tumblr, and then I realized that I was old. At least old enough for people on Tumblr to find me old. And I didn't have something to say every day but I still wanted people to want to visit my page without feeling like they were entering a museum of Nutcrackers. Which we have in Washington, actually. It's inaccessible and thus I have not been inside but I like to eat ice cream outside of it.

So I have a website now! A real website! It makes me feel like I'm at the disco. Which I was last weekend.

Speaking of disco! WOW man. I just got the news that I am going to be working with Daniel Wang on the musical component of my piece "Incidentally, I don't just write about bodies, I have a body too," when I perform it at the Who Cares? Symposium in Berlin in November. I mean Daniel Wang. My friend Vero and I, with whom I am having an anniversary today, were listening to his work while we worked today and I was ecstatic and it made my skin dance. The collaboration is such an amazing thought my solid matter has begun to burst apart into floating colorful discs and I am free floating light now.

For good measure, we also watched the original video of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You" in celebration of our friend love, and were moved by the editing choices, her baby's breath crown, and her whistle tone, which I have only heard replicated by my friend and dance colleague Yuliya.

Thanks, universe. Stay tuned. xo

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